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I'm Dr. Rajani Katta. As a board-certified dermatologist for over 20 years, I've treated many patients over the course of my career. And I've been asked many, many questions about the link between skin and diet.  


I decided to become an expert in this area in order to answer these questions with strong, evidence-based recommendations, and I've reviewed the work of many researchers whose work has significantly advanced our understanding of skin disease. I've now authored multiple summary review articles on the topic of skin and diet in medical journals.

It's clear that the skin has amazing powers of repair and renewal. And the right foods can supercharge those powers: the right foods can activate DNA repair systems, quench free radicals, and protect against collagen damage.


In fact, research has demonstrated that the right foods can combat the major forces that threaten your skin: oxidation, inflammation, and glycation.  My latest book, Glow: The Dermatologist's Guide to a Whole Foods Younger Skin Diet, takes the science behind these processes and translates it into the steps that you can take to achieve more youthful, glowing skin.  

To start with the most basic question: DOES DIET AFFECT OUR SKIN? 




But I see many misconceptions among patients and even colleagues, and I see much misinformation on the internet. On the one extreme, you have people claiming that this supplement or that food can cure a particular skin disease (it can't), while on the other end you have practitioners who claim that diet has no impact at all on the skin (not true). 

My mission is to spread the word that our skin and our diet ARE linked.  And dietary change (almost always in conjunction with other treatments) can be an important part of treating skin conditions. Whether it's to prevent skin disease, treat skin disease, or prevent associated internal conditions, dietary recommendations can be an important part of managing our skin health.

That's my mission with this website and this blog: to provide evidence-based advice on the link between skin and diet. 



Dr. Rajani Katta is a board-certified dermatologist, as well as an educator and the author of 7 books. She served as Professor of Dermatology at the Baylor College of Medicine for over 17 years, and continues to serve on the volunteer faculty there as well as the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Houston. She has a deep passion for developing well-researched and practical educational resources that help people take action.

  • To learn more about the research linking skin and diet, link here.

  • To head straight to the dietary recommendations that have been supported by science to help skin health, link here.

  • For more on Dr. Katta's background, link here. Dr. Katta is a best-selling author and award-winning educator, and has created a range of resources for patient, medical student, and physician education. 

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